Trust is good, control is even better! Yes, we know who said that, so check me out, perhaps at the Language Services of the German Parliament.
The German Foreign Office even asked me to hold a course on simultaneous interpreting, a clear vote of confidence! (The Foreign Ministry has kindly given me permission to attach this letter).
Here are a few examples of my work which are available to the public… Why don’t you listen in?
Additional references can be provided on request


Released from Prison; Russian Magnate Mikhail Khodorkovsky Speaks to the World’s Media

Chancellor Merkel speaking to German Parliament ahead of EU summit (22 Feb 2018)

BBC radio “A Day in an Interpreter’s Life”, written and read by Barbara Chisholm

Speech by Roberto Azevedo, WTO, at the Day of German Industry 25.09.18


German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Speech on Europe, on 29.08.22