Conference consulting

The consultant interpreter is the link between the client and the interpreter or interpreting team. The consultant interpreter will usually be a member of the team (depending on the language) and can therefore also liaise with the client while the event is in progress.

Consultation prior to the event is particularly important. Which languages will be used, will the interpretation be one way only, or back and forth, what type of interpretation will be required, how many interpreters, in how many rooms (e.g. working groups), what facilities are available or must be provided?

The consultant interpreter coordinates with the client in putting together a top-class interpreting team, using contacts, personal knowledge and experience, as well as links with other organizers – in different cities and many countries! The consultant interpreter takes over the job of contacting and negotiating with individual interpreters, providing the client with a single contract for the assignment, thus avoiding having to provide individual contracts for every interpreter involved. The consultant interpreter also offers advice on the technical equipment required and can provide coordinates of supply-side firms with a proven track record in interpretation and event-management equipment hire.